What’s in my purse

The other day, someone asked me for dental floss. This might seem random, but not to my friend or me — you can count on me to always have floss on hand. That got me thinking about that magazine feature that shows what celebrities always carry in their purses. I don’t know why that’s so intriguing to me, but I love it. Considering there are some things that you’ll find in my purse 100 percent of the time, I thought it would be fun to share those items with you. (You might not care at all. If that’s the case, come back Wednesday please. If you do, sweet. I’ll try to make this as entertaining as possible.)

Here’s what you’d find, if you went digging through the Marc Jacobs bag I’ve carried every day since my parents gave it to me two Christmases ago:

Purse contents

  1. A wallet I bought at Purr too many years ago to count. It’s beat up and tired but still kicking. My access card for work is usually stuffed inside, along with too many receipts.
  2. Dental floss because nothing is worse than a rogue piece of kale stuck in between my teeth.
  3. Two pens: a beautiful silver one that was a gift from my brother and a random one thrown in, just in case I’m digging and can’t find the good one.
  4. Too many lip glosses and pencils for one girl. As I’m running out the door in the morning, I often grab one from my collection that suits my mood and throw it into my bag. But I rarely taken any out of my purse. I once had 11 lip glosses in there. No wonder my right shoulder is always so sore — I’m lugging around lip products to meet the needs of an entire gaggle of girls.
  5. A lovely silver mirror — to aid in lip product application — that was a gift from my cousin, Tamara, for being a bridesmaid in her wedding. My name is engraved, as is the date of her wedding. So pretty.
  6. Travel brush. I hate having tangled hair. True story.
  7. Bobby pins. You never know when your bangs will annoy you.
  8. 5, my favourite gum. Note: it’s black and people will think you’re missing teeth when you chew it. I don’t care. It keeps its flavour forever.
  9. A snack, like a Vega protein bar, lest I get hangry.

So, those are my essentials. What do you always have in your bag? Do tell. I love this stuff.


3 thoughts on “What’s in my purse

  1. Petal to the metal! I’m a huge fan of your bag. I lug around a backpack 95% of the time…but when I have a purse I ensure to have glasses cleaner, hand sanitizer, hand cream, mini kleenex and one of those roller ball perfumes.