To Cut Bangs, Or Not To Cut Bangs

When it comes to bangs, I’ve had almost every variation you can imagine — blunt, sideswept, heavy, feathery and permed. (Yes, permed. It was in elementary school. I know that doesn’t make it acceptable. I’m sorry.) The last many years, I’ve been wearing them swept to the side, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. Lately, though, I’ve been feeling the itch to cut blunt bangs again.

Could be that it’s fall and I’m craving change. Or maybe it’s because I’ve noticed a few stylish Calgary girls wearing blunt bangs with long, wavy hair. The look is amazing and reminds me of the girl in the True Religion ad campaign.

The problem is: cutting blunt bangs is scary. They’re a commitment and, as some girlfriends and I discussed last Friday, if they’re not the ideal cut, they’re a pain to grow out. Get the perfect bang, however, and they make you feel instantly more stylish.

So, I’m left to ponder until my upcoming haircut. Till then, I’ll do plenty of browsing online, through things like InStyle’s guide to finding the perfect bang for your face shape. From what I’ve seen so far, here are some cuts giving me bang envy:

Hm. I remain undecided.


{images via InStyle, MyNewHair and Sam Brocato}

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