Things We Like Fridays

First off, Happy Mother’s Day to our dear Moms and to all the other moms in our lives! Thank you for all the things you do and how wonderfully you do it. On on the subject of Moms, here’s a funny text that made us laugh:



  • And nine more texts that will make you appreciate your Mom.
  • Michelle’s interview with the Gansevoort hotelier, Michael Achenbaum, is up on He chats about his new amazing boutique hotel in Las Vegas, interior design tips for guys and more.
  • Let’s discuss movies. Michelle watched Celeste and Jesse Forever last weekend and thought it was great. Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg are so good.
  • We often take book recommendations from Lainey; she never steers us wrong. The most recent example is Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter, a book that Michelle’s mid-way through and loving. The New York Times described it this way: “A monument to crazy love . . . Walter [is] a believer in capricious destiny with a fine, freewheeling sense of humor.” It’s funny, indeed, and engrossing. Add it to your summertime reading list.
  • Also for your reading list, this hilarious read in the NY Times, “How I Became A Hipster.” Ha!
  • More reads and laughs, Chris sent Michelle this very funny piece on 19 female friendship truths as told by the movie Bridesmaids.
  • Chris and Spencer checked out Tutti Frutti last weekend, the new frozen yogurt spot in Mount Royal Village. Delicious! Chris swears by the green tea yogurt topped with peanut M&Ms, chocolate chips and cinnamon apple chunks.
  • All this warm weather has us thinking about summer dresses. This one is perfect. So is this.

Enjoy your weekends in the sun.

~The Toque Girls