Things We Like Fridays


Hello weekend! Any fun plans ahead? We’re hoping for some sunshine and quality time outdoors. Fingers crossed for a beer (or two) on a patio!

Here’s what has us giddy this week:

  • We had a Toque Girls dinner date last night at OJ’s — one of our standing favourites. Great service and excellent fish tacos.
  • The spring issue of HERS magazine is up and, inside, you’ll find stories that we both contributed. Do check it out!
  • We’ve been using Cake Beauty products and have fallen in love with the brand’s Sweethearts collection for spring. Michelle uses the Hands Down, You’re Mine! hand cream every night before bed. 
  • With Mother’s Day around the corner, we have gifts on the brain. Kaviar Pearls, an appointment-only boutique on the lower level of Fashion Central, has beautiful jewelry, if your mama is into pearls.
  • Chris picked up these wild workout leggings from Nike a few weeks ago and can’t wear them enough. They’re always a hit at Saturday a.m. spin class. These ones are rad, too.
  • For years, make-up artists sang the praises of eye primer but Chris always ignored them. Dumb move, Chris. She finally caught on this month when she tried Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Wheat. It’s now an essential part of her daily routine.
  • On the slim chance you haven’t watched the hilarious Coachella video making the rounds on Facebook, here it is one more time. Watch it. It’ll put you in a good mood.
  • One more thing for you to check out. Michelle’s good friend, Sarah, is launching an exciting, awesome new business called Sugarnut, which will ship a pair of stylish, Canadian-made undies to your door every month. It’s in the early stages, so all she’s looking for right now is feedback. Please check her site out, sign up for the email updates so you’re in the loop and take two minutes to fill out her survey. It’s your chance to tell her what you love and hate about underwear. We can’t wait for Sugarnut to get going!

-The Toque Girls

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