Things We Like Fridays

Hello and happy Friday! We hope you had a great week and can take it easy this weekend. Speaking of which, here is where Michelle has been resting her head in New York City the last few days:

Michelle's hotel in NYC

This is a drastic improvement over the last time she stayed at a hotel in NYC, when she felt like she was paying mucho dinero to sleep in a dark closet. She will fill you in on her current trip on Monday, the day she flies home to what better not be a snowy Calgary! As for what Chris has planned this weekend, she has plans to hit up Yellow Door Bistro tonight (yay!) and then spend the weekend cleaning out closets and packing for the big move to California (boo!). Not too long now!

As for our list, here goes:

  • If you haven’t checked out xojane, you should. We both spend too much time browsing the site and reading their writers’ personal stories. (One of Michelle’s favourite writers actually just wrote a piece about the writing advice that changed her life.)
  • And on the topic of good reads, Michelle just finished The Painted Girls by Toronto resident Cathy Marie Buchanan. If you’re into ballet at all — or just looking for a wonderful story — pick this one up. (This book is next on her list.)
  • For more good reads, check out the nominees for the National Magazine Awards 2013. Chris stayed up late every night this week reading all this incredible pieces.
  • Last weekend, Michelle received a wicked gift: Nespresso’s new espresso maker, the Pixie, and the Aeroccino. (The giver threw in some hazelnut coffee, too — hooray for hazelnut! — and a small container of milk. Lucky girl.) When she told Christina about this new love affair with Nespresso, Chris said it’s the one appliance that may make the trip to California with her and her hubby this summer. It’s that good, friends.
  • Have you tried Carino Japanese Bistro yet? Chris went for the first time this week and it won’t be the last. Everything was so good! Particular high marks for the kobe beef burger and the mind-blowing crostini.
  • On the healthier food side, check out this mouth-watering collection of asparagus recipes. Hello spring foods. We’ve missed you.
  • Attention, friends with kids: Check out this hilarious blog filled with “crappy pictures” and parenting stories. It’s so funny!
  • Also on the parenting front, how’s this for awesome? This Dad hacked Donkey Kong so his daughter could play as a girl and save Mario.
  • Last but not least, save some time this weekend to check out Holt Renfrew’s Wear It Now sale.

Have a fantastic weekend and we’ll see you on Monday.

~The Toque Girls

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