Things We Like Fridays

Hello and happy Friday! We’re feeling upbeat that it’s spring and are looking forward to this weekend. Chris will be getting home from a business trip and Michelle will be around, kicking off the weekend with a trip to the Alberta Ballet to see Celebrating Mozart. (She can’t wait for the premiere of Balletlujah!, the ballet’s collaboration with k.d. lang.)

Now, on to this week’s happy list:

  • Last week, Michelle was all about hip hop and R&B. This week, her musical whimsies have shifted to something completely different: Canadian songstress Jenn Grant’s album, The Beautiful Wild, and The Avett Brothers’ album, The Carpenter. Wonderful albums from extremely talented songwriters. (She feels compelled to thank Tom Power from CBC Radio 2 for introducing her to Jenn Grant. Waking up to Tom’s show in the morning is The Best.)
  • Are you heading to PARKSHOW tomorrow night? If so, Michelle will see you there! (If not, she’d suggest you buy tickets but the event is sold out.) Her mini-profiles on the 11 featured designers ran in Tuesday’s Herald and were in a gallery online.
  • This eye gel is fabulous.
  • Have you seen The Intouchables? Michelle is late to the party and only watched it last weekend. Such a moving story.
  • Every time Chris wants to bail out on a run or a ride in future, she’s going to think of this incredible story of a guy who technically finished last but really didn’t.
  • And another good read. Airlines often get a bad rap for being heartless. In this case, United Airlines did everything possible to make sure a passenger got home in time to say good-bye to his dying mom.
  • Chris has spent much of the last two weeks working in Orlando. If you want a great day in Orlando, go to the Ritz Carlton, eat at Vitale cafe and get a massage at the spa. Bliss. (Ritz Carlton and spa might be an obvious choice but still, it’s a noteworthy event of the last week. Chris ate lunch here every single day.)
  • Everyone says you can never get Arc’teryx on sale. Chris found a place where you can.
  • Oh, one more music thing! Alberta’s Randi Boulton is in the running for Canada’s best new artist. Vote for her. Chris met her a few years ago when Randi sang at her cousin’s wedding. Chris has never forgotten that amazing voice.

See you Monday!

~The Toque Girls

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