Things We Like Fridays

isit friday yet

Finally! It’s been a long week. Let’s get on with it:

  • Have you checked out Wild Mountain on the 17th Avenue? Right now, they’ve got on a huge (read: dangerous) sale on winter gear, especially items from The North Face and Smartwool (a.k.a. Best Ski Socks Ever). Chris picked up some yoga pieces from Karma and a North Face vest — all 50% off. Love the detailing on Karma bras.
  • These new camo jeans from the Gap are awesome.
  • Hip hop and R&B fans: have you been listening to Solange’s album, True? Michelle’s had it on repeat all week, along with Frank Ocean’s album, Channel ORANGE.
  • As for more tunes to check out, have a look at Unsung Presents, a new blog dedicated to “underrated and under the radar music for the masses.” The new site is courtesy of a Calgary-based friend of Michelle’s, who remains nameless on the blog and will remain nameless here, too!
  • Freelance writer Justin Ling has penned an awesome blog post about the realities of launching a freelance writing career. Great read.
  • Speaking of writing, Michelle has a fashion story coming up on Tuesday in the Calgary Herald. The piece will be a preview of the 11 designers showcasing their goods in next Saturday’s PARKSHOW. Do check the story out and buy your tickets to the event here.
  • Do you know the story of the woman who invented Spanx? She’s a billionaire — at 41. Find out her story here. (Awesome #longread.)
  • Chris is enjoying some great outdoor workouts lately. For spring training music inspiration, she’s bringing back an oldie: Kara Goucher’s 2007 Endurance Boost Mix. (KG is one of Chris’ all-time running heroes.)

~The Toque Girls


3 thoughts on “Things We Like Fridays

  1. Noooo! Don’t listen to Justin Ling. You’re not a money-grubbing asshole if you want to get paid for your work! Seriously…bad advice. $100 for 1,200 words? This is exactly the problem with freelance journalism. Yes, we do deserve to be paid for our work. And someone should tell Justin that if he doesn’t have food in his fridge, he will eventually starve to death. Sorry…long week and I miss you two like crazy!

      • Ladies! Michelle here. I posted it because I think it’s a well-written, interesting take on the realities for someone who’s trying to break in — not because I support his opinions, especially his thoughts on staffers. The reality for us is that, while we all make money writing for publications (and of course we deserve to be paid for our work!), the three of us also blog (for free — because we love it) and we take on ‘passion projects’ that pay us less than they should (because we want to, we like the publication or the possibility of what it can do for us), do we not? I can name pubs we all write for that pay us much less than we’d like, but we do it for a reason. I liked his writing and his drive to get out there. I thought it was worth sharing — anything writerly that sparks conversation is interesting to me. Have a good weekend!