Things We Like Fridays

Hello! We’re thrilled that the Family Day long weekend has arrived. What do you have planned? Fittingly, Michelle has a lot of family time ahead. Her mom is coming to town, so you might catch them at River Cafe, Cucina, the movie theatre, a nail place, etc. (M. is very excited about all of the above.) Chris is having a family weekend of her own. She’s going skiing with the husband and eating chocolate cupcakes with her nephew.

If you’re having a family dinner this weekend, perhaps you’re feeling like this:

Funny Family Ecard: I'm so happy the family is coming over so we can all talk over each other at extremely loud volumes.

Now, on to our list:

  • Happy news: Double Zero, an absolute TG fave, is opening up a second location in Chinook Centre this fall. We’re thrilled to have another option for our pre-movie dinners. (Michelle just had the sad realization that Chris will be in California by then, but she is very excited about visiting and checking out the restos in Sacramento.)
  • Remember when Chris’ husband went to Haiti last month? Chris edited his diary and The Globe and Mail published excerpts in a two-page spread today!
  • Journo-friends, writers, anyone who likes a good read or a good laugh: grab yourself a cup of coffee and read this GQ story about a man who brought his septuagenarian dad to Burning Man. Here’s a teaser, his father’s response to seeing a naked woman at the festival: “My father is regarding her as a sixteenth century pilgrim to the Vatican must have admired his first stained glass window.”
  • Get yourselves to Community Natural Foods to pick up one of these Alter Eco chocolate quinoa bars. Bliss.
  • How awesome is this workout tank? Chris wants.
  • Last week at Holt Renfrew, Michelle’s helpful salesgirl was decked out in David Yurman necklaces and bracelets of all kinds. Her favourite piece: this necklace.
  • 17th Avenue gained another eatery this week with the opening of MARKET. As we mentioned last Friday, we attended the sneak peek for media and were treated to some appys and drinks. We’ll be back for a full dinner soon. Till then, have you been? How was it?

That’s all for now. We wish you happy and loud Family Day dinners, friends. We’ll see you Tuesday.

~The Toque Girls

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