Things We Like Fridays

Hello, hello. We know we said we’d be back January 2nd, but the problem with holidays is you tend to forget what day you’re on. We were just as surprised as you to find that Wednesday had come and gone — with no blog post. Whoops. Really, we looked as dumbfounded as this guy.

Surprised lumberjack

Our apologies. But now here we are, wishing you a Happy, Happy, New Year! (We’re into double words today, it seems.) We hope the holidays were fantastic for you!

Let’s move on to our first Things We Like list for 2013, shall we?

  • Michelle’s new running soundtrack involves a lot of Marina and the Diamonds‘ latest album, Electra Heart. Her favourite tracks so far are Power & Control and How to be a Heartbreaker. Good stuff.
  • During the holidays, Michelle finally checked out her friend’s resto in Edmonton, Corso 32. Wow, wow. It is deserving of all the hype and more. She tried the Arancini, Pappa al Pomodoro (a tomato and bread stew), ravioli, olive oil confit potatoes, an artichoke and hazelnut salad, as well as Parmesan drizzled with black truffle honey. And then she rolled out of there. Good thing she doesn’t live in Edmonton anymore, or her clothes would soon become snug.
  • While in Edmonton, she also checked out Simons at West Edmonton Mall. Though she was starting to come down with a brutal four-day stomach flu, she still managed to buy the cutest sleeping shirt ($20) and a deep purple and gold bikini ($40). She’s a trooper like that. Definitely swing by the store, if you’re in town — loads of great deals.
  • In classic Toque Girl fashion, we met up for our annual Christmas present exchange and luncheon wearing almost identical black outfits. Then, we just about fell out of our chairs laughing when we opened our gifts. We gave each other the same present — the book, Grace, by Grace Coddington. It’s a great fashion-centered read with fun little tidbits, i.e. Madonna refused to wear a hat like a cream cake.
  • More for the reading list: Chris read this incredible piece in the NY Times about an avalanche in Washington State. It’s perhaps the best example of online journalism Chris has ever read: colourful writing, marvelous use of multimedia and a heart-wrenching story about the dangers of the backcountry. Here’s what Powder Magazine said about it: “You, the powder skier, should read it. Make your friends and loved ones read it.” So, our friends and loved ones, please read it.
  • While in Fernie, Chris’ mother-in-law made these quinoa pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. They’re so yummy!
  • If you’re looking for an affordable, gym-free and still ass-kicking workout, try this!
  • And if you’re looking for a solid movie, do check out Les Miserables. Michelle and her family saw it over the holidays and adored it. This is, perhaps, the most succinct and hilarious review of the flick.

We wish you an outstanding year, friends. All the best to you in 2013.

~The Toque Girls

One thought on “Things We Like Fridays

  1. I have made the quinoa pumpkin pancakes from Quinoa 365, and they are so delicious!!! The recipe also still works if you substitute whole wheat flour if you don’t happen to have quinoa flour at the time :)