Things We Like Fridays

Holidays, here we come!  Dear readers, thank you for all your love and support over the last year. We can’t tell you how many times you made our day by sending us a special note or stopping us on the street to say great things about the blog. That makes us giddy happy.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. May you have plenty of time with your families, many nips of Baileys and sore legs from skiing. We’ll be back Jan. 2 with plenty of adventures to tell you about.

Until then, an extra-long holiday special of Things We Like Fridays:

  • Chris’ idea of an awesome Christmas present wrapping party: Michael Buble’s Christmas album. The new gingerbread chocolates at Bernard Callebaut. A glass, or two, of J. Lohr Estates Seven Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • During our dinner and movie date last week, we stopped in at Chapters and both bought planners for 2013. Michelle is in love with her Moleskin weekly planner, which is similar to this one. Chris loves hers, too, this one. (Are we super old-fashioned for using paper agendas?)
  • Before dinner, Chris was killing time in Mission so she went into Lululemon. Have you checked out their winter running collection? It’s the best thing from Lululemon in a long time. Chris wants this.
  • The day after dinner,  a very good friend gave Chris a pair of their winter running mitts for Christmas. They kept the hands perfectly toasty during a cold run on Sunday.
  • Last weekend, Michelle checked out One Cycle Spin Studio with a few friends and loved the vibe, the teacher and the strobe light. It was quite the change from her usual spin class, which takes place at 6:30 a.m. and is nowhere near as club-like. She plans on buying a drop-in pass in the new year.
  • For a laugh, read these funniest Autocorrects of 2012. Thank you lovely Nicola for tip!
  • New must-try breakfast item: the Wild BC Mushrooms and Poached Eggs on Toast at Eat Cucina. Insanely good.
  • Have you tried anything from Aromatherapy Associates? We received a pack of their essential bath oils last week and now we’re stress-free and smelling heavenly.
  • On what was supposed to be her rest day last week, Chris checked out the The Ballet Physique DVD Collection. She figured it’d be no sweat. Verdict: Chris was wrong. It’s a great toning workout. There’s nothing rest-like about it.

Happy holidays! xo

~The Toque Girls

4 thoughts on “Things We Like Fridays

  1. Thank you for being such a joy to read every morning! I love that this blog is written by two creative ladies so close to my home and that you inspire me with new places to go and things to see in the city! I am so thankful my friend sent your blog link to me! I also love the new Lululemon collection and can’t imagine not having a traditional paper Moleskin agenda – just was in Chapters getting my new one ( and of course, calendar for my office! ) Happy Holidays to you both!