Things We Like Fridays

Happy Friday! We’re gearing up for a weekend of fun and festivities, not to mention some practical things like wrapping gifts. Earlier this week, Michelle took part in a wrapping party that made her heart happy: decorating holiday gift bags for women fighting breast cancer who are in need. The bags, which are courtesy of Wings of Hope, were filled with everyday essentials, some treats and lots of gift cards for things like groceries. Here’s a peek at some of the bags:

Wings of Hope bags

Now, on to other happy things:

  • This week, while waking up to Tom Power — he’s the CBC Radio 2 morning show host, to be clear –  Michelle heard about Drinkify, a funny site for people who love good music and good booze. Simply enter the name of the band or singer you’re listening to and Drinkify will suggest a suitable drink. (Adele’s drink, “The Adele”, sounds delicious.)
  • iPhones! Michelle has said goodbye to her BlackBerry and is now an iPhone 5 user. She loves it. That’s all she has to say about that.
  • This hairspray is fantastic and available at Chatters.
  • We had a Toque Girls date last night: dinner at OJ’s, followed by seeing Silver Linings Playbook. To the guys we ran into on 4th Street, it’s a great movie! (And here you thought we wrote this beforehand.) We thought the movie was moving, funny and original. We also agreed that Bradley Cooper does not look shabby in a suit, especially after having spent most of the film wearing sweatpants and a garbage bag.
  • Chris spotted this recipe and it made her think of her co-blogger. Homemade Baileys marshmallows? Yes, please.
  • Gift Guide: this Frasier Fir Poured Candle. Best. Smelling. Candle. Ever. Would make two bloggers very happy if someone put it in their stockings.
  • Moving from happy noses to happy ears. Check out Hot Chip.
  • Gift Guide #2: NARS. Andy Warhol.  Awesome.
  • This story about skiing in Austria made Chris laugh. It could be her favourite ski write-up of all time. Here’s a teaser: “I was, in fact, naked with my friend Marnie, who is a woman, but also Christian, Tim and Nick, who are not.”

~The Toque Girls