Things We Like Fridays

Hooray, it’s nearly the weekend. Chris will be living it up in NYC and Michelle will be sticking around town to get some writing done and to see friends. She also plans to go for brunch at her new favourite spot, Monki Breakfast Club & Bistro. Have you been yet? It’s where Petite used to be on 10th Ave S.W., across from Community. She checked it out last weekend with her brother and fell in love with the frittatas, hash browns and fruit cup. (A friend was just telling her that she judges breakfast spots on the quality of their fruit cup — no cantaloupe, more berries! — and Monki’s is fantastic.)

  • Last week, Michelle interviewed Tim Ferriss about his new book, The 4-Hour Chef. The story ran on last Tuesday, but she forgot to mention it to you fine people last week. Here it is. As always, Tim gave her a few things to think about, like whether or not she’s effective or efficient (or both). Hope you enjoy the Q&A.
  • We just heard about L.A.-based designer, Katie May. Michelle loves some of her billowy tops and dresses, like this one.
  • Another tip we heard recently — about something completely different. To stop coffee and red wine from staining your teeth, dip your toothbrush into baking soda –  after you’ve brushed like normal — and do another quick brush. It’s like a cheap version of teeth whitening!
  • The New York Times’ 100 Notable Books of 2012 is out and Sheila Heti’s book, How Should a Person Be? (which Michelle read and mentioned on the blog) made the list for Fiction & Poetry. Congrats!
  • Should you want to do something notable yourself, head over to Gravity Pope for their big pre-Christmas sale — 15% off all shoes until Dec. 2.
  • Chris saw Life of Pi last weekend and decided it’s one of the most beautiful films she’s ever seen.
  • Chris has been using this Johnson’s Baby Wash in Vanilla Oatmeal on herself. Awesome.

That’s all we’ve got. See you in December.

~The Toque Girls