Things We Like Fridays

Hello, Friday. It’s a gorgeous one, again. It’s almost — eeps! — October and we’re still dining on patios. Life is good. It’s a fun weekend ahead for the Toque Girls. Michelle is heading to Edmonton to eat turkey with her family (is that what we’re having, mom?). Chris heads off to Chicago for a meeting that runs throughout the next week. She’s excited: it’s her favourite time of year to visit Chicago. You see why:

Now, for our list of awesome:

  • It’s a very, very good weekend to go to see some theatre. We went to see Theatre Calgary’s Next to Normal last week and the story is still haunting us. Wow. Bring Kleenex. Show closes Sunday. Also awesome: the Pumphouse Theatre’s Noises Off. You will laugh until you cry. Show closes Saturday.
  • More laughing until crying: Mr. Fabulous’ blog post about wearing high heels.
  • These are awesome. We won’t say how we know. We just know.
  • Some punctuation porn for writers. Writers share their hilarious thoughts on their favourite punctuation marks. We particularly like this assessment of overly long sentences: “What kind of asshole doesn’t give the reader a break once in a while? Get me to the period so that I can take a moment to digest and go eat a Pop Tart or something.”
  • Into affordable, tasty wine? We are. So we are happy to have a new white blend to add to our go-to list: Apothic White. Michelle attended the launch party at Hotel Arts this week, sipping and enjoying her way through a couple of glasses. It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it.
  • Yowza. This girl has some mad makeup skillz. If you’re looking for tips on how to cover up problematic skin, check the video out.
  • We’ve spent the week listening to Mumford & Sons’ new album, Babel, and have concluded that we’re in love. Perfect soundtrack for fall.

~The Toque Girls