Things We Like Fridays


Hello gang!

What an odd week. It feels very strange to be blogging only three days a week, though we both appreciated the extra downtime. Thanks for all the kind messages — it feels wonderful to know that so many people make us a part of their daily routine.

And a warning: we’re switching things up again this upcoming week. Because of Monday’s holiday, we’ll blog Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. In the meantime, we’re off on a few great adventures for the weekend. Chris is going to Banff for a wedding. (Two years ago this weekend, she and S got married! It was a day much like today — except for a brief rain/hail storm. Apparently, rain means wealth is coming to the couple. Chris is still waiting on that one. Michelle is home from fitness camp and will see how her sore muscles do at X-Fest this weekend.

Now, onto the good stuff…

  • Free People opens at Chinook Centre this morning! The first 40 customers to arrive will receive Free People iPhone cases and anyone who makes a purchase will be entered into a raffle to win a $150 gift card. Plus, they’ll be serving cupcakes by Cupcake Fetish all day long.
  • Have you heard of Polica? Chris can’t stop listening and plans to listen to them non-stop all the way to Banff. (Fact: they’re Jay Z’s favourite indie band, too.)
  • Chris bought a tee from Gap’s pure body collection this week. Why did no one ever tell us about this line? The fabric is so soft that it’s like being naked.
  • We heard the first snow reports from Sunshine Village this week, which reminded Chris of this photo. That can’t be real, is it?
  • Awesome new wine discovery: Black Chook Shiraz/Viognier. (We had to look it up. A chook is an Aussie insult for a chicken. Go figure.)

~The Toque Girls

PS – About the photo, Chris is only lifting her dress so high because mud was splattering everywhere! Her shamelessness at that moment is kind of embarrassing.

5 thoughts on “Things We Like Fridays

  1. Without trying to sound patriotic – a chook isn’t really an insult, just a colloquial term for a chicken. And the farm animal, not a coward…

    Remember the time of your wedding well. I was working at the time with the best man and he was super excited, let alone the groom!