Things We Like Fridays

The last weekend of Stampede is here. It’s been an amazing week, filled with corporate parties (Roundup at Fort Calgary, First Rowdy at Flames Central), boozy breakfasts (Bullshooters at the Westin) and concerts (Garth Brooks last night and Brad Paisley tomorrow). But our livers rejoice that we’re nearing the end of Stampede mayhem for 2012. Of all our outings, the all-white girls’ dinner last Saturday was a highlight. Eight girls dressed in white dined at Double Zero and then danced at Wildhorse Saloon. You know it’s a successful Stampede tent outing when you manage to lose every girl you arrived with.

  •  While eating at Double Zero, we all fell in love with our adorable server’s makeup. She was sporting neutral eye makeup, flawless skin and Ruby Woo lipstick by MAC. The lip shade — a bright blue-red — was so amazing that Michelle bought it the next day.
  • Michelle also bought a 5-piece makeup brush set by Too Faced. The brushes, $75, are great quality and come in a little bag that has enough room to hold some makeup. It’s the perfect size to shove into a gym bag or purse. She found it at Sephora.
  • Chris discovered the RS Ped Sock from Sugoi this week. It’s the best running sock she’s ever tried.
  • If you, like us, indulged in beer and ice cream this week, check out the Blonde Ponytail blog. This super-fit blogger put together a series of GNC Workouts over the last week and they’re great for outdoor workouts.
  • Also on the fitness front, Free People came up with a new yoga line. Chris really, really wants this tie dye sports bra.
  • ESPN came out with their annual body issue. Whoa! Some really inspiring photos of women with muscles.
  • Michelle is picking up a new pair of sunglasses today. Thank you, Tom Ford, for designing glasses that actually fit her face.

That’s all for now, friends. Have an excellent Stampede weekend and we’ll see you on Monday.

~The Toque Girls

2 thoughts on “Things We Like Fridays

  1. We at Karmasisters are big fans of the toque girls and this morning we’re chuckling at how similar our blog theme is to yours! I think it’s a collective sentiment around town. Happy weekend to you!