Things We Like Fridays

Happy first weekend of summer, folks! This perfect summery pic comes from The Hot Box Yoga in Kelowna, owned by our friends Chris and Sarah. This summer, they’re offering a workshop that takes you out of their gorgeous studio overlooking the lake and puts you on the water. Doesn’t this look amazing? Check out their studio here. So pumped to see these fancy digs in person later this summer!

Now, onto all the things that have us ramped up this week:

  • Chris’ little sister Sarah and her choice in tunes. Sarah was a rockin’ DJ on the radio last week and introduced her big sis to a few great songs. Check out Said The Whale’s Emerald Lake, AB, The Aggrolites’ Work To Do and Rural Alberta Advantage’s killer version of Eye of the Tiger. Such awesome summer tunes!
  • Other awesome tunes: Glen Hansard’s new album, Rhythm and Repose. We’ve loved him since Once, not to mention The Swell Season.
  • Also good for summer, a new ice cream shop. We’re eager for this weekend’s grand opening of Village Ice Cream in Victoria Park. Two for one cones all day long! With flavours like toasted coconut, salted caramel and cranberry ginger, we won’t share the second cone with anyone.
  • Speaking of grand openings, don’t forget the Apothecary in Inglewood has its grand opening this weekend. It’s going to be a good one! (And we have a winner of our giveaway! See below.)
  • Also on the go this weekend: Sled Island celebrates its fifth birthday this weekend. Hooray! And if you still don’t know what to do, come join Chris and her family at the Greek Festival on Saturday for souvlaki. Opa (and ouzo shots) to that!
  • Or, if you don’t want to stay in Calgary, you could go to Costa Rica and stay at this wild rental that Chris found on airbnb. Chris’ husband is a huge plane nerd and he’d be crazy for this!
  • Speaking of planes, Chris is coming home from San Diego today. She’s part of the 63% of the population that request a window seat. Check out these outrageous proposals on how to redesign airplanes in a way that would keep Chris happy.
  • Looking for a new lip product? Michelle was introduced to Tarte’s LipSurgence Natural Lip Luster in L.A. and has used it nearly every day since. The big crayon-like pencil goes on smooth, isn’t sticky at all and leaves a shimmery shine.
  • Tracy Anderson has designed her own line of leggings. Michelle wants the Abcentric ones and must determine how best to get her hands on a pair (they ship to Canada but it seems like a hassle).
  • And for our Apothecary giveaway, Ashleigh, you’re our winner! We’ll email you the deets later today! Thanks to everyone who commented and extra thanks to the Apothecary for the giveaway.

~The Toque Girls

4 thoughts on “Things We Like Fridays

  1. For the Tracy Anderson leggings, the site Edition01 seems to have a default flat rate for all international orders that’s very high but they will give you much cheaper, customized shipping rate if you just email and ask them at I had that experience.

  2. The New Village Ice Cream was fantastic! We checked it out on opening day and the flavours were incredible, I’d highly recommend it!