The Perfect Summer Shorts

On Monday night, I wore my pair of white Current/Elliott “boyfriend shorts” to drinks with some girlfriends. They’re the ones I bought and wrote about last year and, while out for drinks, we girls agreed they are the perfect pair of summer shorts — the white denim is slouchy and not too short, but fitted enough to be sexy. They’ve become a staple in my summer wardrobe and will certainly go with me to my family’s cabin this weekend. Thumbs up, Current/Elliott, for designing a great pair of shorts. I tried to find the exact pair for you all and failed. However, I did come across their current design, which features “vanilla stars.” Here they are from afar:

And a little closer. Love the stars:

I’m tempted to get another pair but…I’ll hold back. Living in Calgary, there are only so many pairs of shorts that a girl can justify owning.