The Macho Nacho Dip

With Super Bowl Sunday upon us, it’s the perfect time to share a treasured recipe: The Macho Nacho Dip. I say “treasured” because getting this recipe from my friend, Troy — who’s made this dip for years out at Clear Lake, where our families have cabins — was not simple. I’ve begged. I once agreed, jokingly, to be Troy’s “lake girlfriend.” (A nickname which has stuck, over the years.) Troy finally caved in December, when he sent the recipe as my birthday gift.

It was a great gift, because I’ve seen what The Macho Nacho Dip does to people. They love it. They go crazy for it. They even take their shirts off for it. For proof, let’s examine the 2010 August long weekend.

I’d invited friends, including my co-Toque Girl, Christina and her hubby, out to the cabin for a weekend of lake adventures. We boated, floated, skied and wakeboarded. And then, we had drinks.

Our friend Troy showed up with two pie-sized plates of the dip:

Now, based on the ensuing events, his delicious blend of meat, cheese and hot sauce went from being called, simply, “Troy’s Dip” to, fittingly, “The Macho Nacho Dip.”

This is because, before we knew it, all the guys in the group had lost their shirts. I can’t recall why. Maybe they were warm. Maybe the dip infused them with macho-like hunger. Whatever the case, the dip was attacked by a herd of hungry, shirtless men.

And then, all the guys wore toques.

Okay. Christina and I take responsibility for the toques. At the time, we were working on launching this blog and thought it would be smart to have some on-hand for everyone to wear. *There is, indeed, photographic evidence of the shirtless event, but we have since removed the photo from this post. Women were just going too crazy, apparently.

Without further ado, the recipe:

The Macho Nacho Dip

  • 1 block cream cheese
  • 1 pound hamburger
  • 1 packet taco seasoning
  • 1 jar salsa (heat of choice)
  • Frank’s RedHot sauce
  • Marble cheese

Brown the hamburger. Add taco seasoning and hot sauce to desired taste. Mix in small jar of salsa. Simmer. Meanwhile, spread cream cheese over a Pyrex pie plate (imagine a pie crust) and then dump hamburger/salsa mix onto cream cheese and smoothe it out. Cover with shredded marble cheese and bake in the oven until it starts to bubble. Serve with hot taco chips. Enjoy Macho Nacho shirtless.

There you have it — The Macho Nacho Dip recipe, in the creator’s words.

Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the recipe, shirtless or not.


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