The Best Present Ever To Buy For a Boy

I know it’s too early for Christmas but I want you to know this ASAP: the key to a man’s heart (or a boy’s) is so simple. It’s a remote control helicopter.

No word of a lie.

Last December, my sister and I and our husbands were discussing Christmas gift ideas. My brother-in-law said to my husband something along the lines of, “you know what I want? A remote control helicopter.”

S. replied with a,”hell’s yeah!” About 30 seconds later, they threw down their forks mid-meal and were out the door — off on boys’ mission to Winners to buy each other remote control helicopters for Christmas. (Helicopters were on sale that week. I didn’t even know Winners sold helicopters. I wouldn’t notice them in the store unless one landed on my hand.)

I thought a helicopter would be a waste of money, even at $35. I wrote it off as present that would lose its appeal after one day and then join the rest of the mess in the storage closet. As it turns out, I am complete ignoramus about men and have wasted thousands of dollars all these years buying clothing and tickets as presents.

S. uses our helicopter all the time. Weird, I know. My sister-in-law ended up buying one for my brother. More important, these birds are a foolproof way to entertain kids. My sister has to hide their helicopter under blankets when the batteries need recharging or my little nephew goes wild. If you’re an aunt or uncle (or becoming one), buy one. It’s especially good if you have absolutely no other toys or kids’ movies in the house. We pull it out whenever kids visit and bring it to our in-laws when we visit (it instantly cures kiddie shyness!). When my one nephew comes to our house, he takes me by the hand to the office bookcase and calls out, “Copter! Copter!” The other nephew gives us the “more! more!” signal in in sign language. We used it to entertain our friend’s toddler just last week.

I suspect helicopters work for nieces, too. We don’t have one of those yet so I can’t confirm.

In any case, I think it’s pretty foolproof. Happy flying.