Things We Like Fridays


Hello! We’re so glad to see the weekend. There’s been way too many early mornings and late nights this week. On the agenda for this weekend: sleep-ins and snowy mountains. Michelle is heading to Banff for her office Xmas party and Chris will be hitting up Lake Louise for her first ski day of the year (and is just remembering that she hasn’t done the annual ski tune up). Above, a photo of Chris testing out her snow legs in Lake Louise a few weeks ago.

  • Oh yes. And oh no. Aritzia’ online shop is now up and running. We are both Aritzia devotees so, while this news is theoretically excellent, our wallets are cringing in fear.
  • The winter issue of HERS magazine is out and, as always, some of our dear friends have contributed stories. We both did, too! Christina has some great health tips and a story on working out vs. sitting out and Michelle has a piece on her Watsu experience at Rancho La Puerta (with some options for Calgary-area spa treatments that involve water).
  • Remember when we chatted with Beth Doane and gave away one of her RainTees? This week, her children’s book was published and is now available for sale via Amazon. It would make for an awesome Christmas gift!
  • This lip balm is fantastic and would make for a handy little stocking stuffer.
  • Wow. This short, heartwarming news story made Michelle cry. Such a great story! Thanks, Brent, for passing it on.
  • For all the people who search “zombies” and end up on our blog somehow, we finally have something for you. This New York Times piece on “Nature’s Zombies” is a good read.
  • After her adventures in NYC speakeasies, Chris is inspired to make fancy cocktails this Christmas. Anyone want to join her for this holiday-themed bar skills course at Culinary Campus?
  • This sweater is so soft and classic. Chris almost bought it in NYC and didn’t. Now experiencing major saver’s remorse, a.k.a. when you should’ve bought something but didn’t.

~The Toque Girls


5 Questions with Beth Doane and a RainTees Giveaway!

Beth Doane is an incredible girl. The Santa Monica-based 29-year-old is the founder of RainTees and is also a sought-after speaker, author and much more. I met her and her boyfriend in LA in June and knew we had to profile her on the Toque Girls. In addition to answering my five questions, she kindly offered to send a RainTee our way for a giveaway, so, here’s the deal: for a chance to win a RainTee, follow Beth on Twitter or like her on Facebook and then leave us a comment below. You have until Thursday at 10 p.m. to enter.

Without further ado, let’s get to know the lovely Beth Doane.

What compelled you to start RainTees?

In 2007, I was running a fashion company and started seeing how toxic the apparel and accessories production process can be for the environment and millions of garment workers around the globe. I was seeing things like child labor and also saw how the human rights violations of workers in developing countries are horrible. I realized that industry leaders were not taking enough action to stop these injustices and knew that fashion could be made ethically and with fabrics that are better for the planet like 100% organic cotton. I began speaking out about what I was seeing and was determined to create a collection that gives back, so I created RainTees. I built it from the ground up with my vision, knowing that if the industry was going to change I was going to have to do my part to make a difference.

I worked very hard and ran the company from my parents’ kitchen table when we first started to cut costs. It paid off and now we are sold around the world and RainTees launched at the highest attended show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Our mission of planting a tree for every item we sell has helped reforest thousands of acres of land and we also send school supplies to kids in critically endangered areas around the world and our collections feature their artwork. Today, RainTees works with children in over 30 countries and has a pen pal program too, so it’s great to see our fans connecting with youth around the world. 

How can Canadians get their hands on your shirts?
You can purchase tees online at www.raintees.com.
What other exciting things do you have on the go?
I wrote a children’s book about some of the incredible youth I have met throughout the years working in Central and South America. Their stories changed my life- gave me hope that our future will be bright and sustainable. I am really excited to share their stories this fall when it launches! 
How would you describe your style?
Classic. I love clean effortless pieces and often accent my outfits with accessories from my travels. My accessories are almost always vintage – handmade finds from exotic places I have fallen in love with. It’s one thing I can easily take from the places that have inspired me and carry with me wherever I go. 
You live in California, so….do you ever wear toques? 
I love wearing hats! People don’t realize that LA can be quite chilly in the early mornings and evenings so yes- I do wear a toque every so often! 
Thanks so much, Beth!