An Outfit for a Glam Event in L.A.

Tomorrow, I fly to L.A. with a dear friend, Amanda, who’s invited me to a very cool event for the amazing Jeffrey Sachs. I can barely sleep, I’m so excited. It’s a quick trip and we’ll spend most of Saturday getting ready — the climax to a week filled with girly appointments. (I’ll blog next week about my misadventures with eyelash extensions. Oof.)

Of the items below — the Donna Karan African Violet Cold Shoulder Twist Dress, the Alexis Bittar bangle and the Sassy Nude Peep Toe Court shoes – I’ve purchased one. I’ll give you a hint: it’s purple and it has one shoulder. It wasn’t cheap (um, Michelle’s Greatest Understatement of 2012) but I got a great deal at Holt Renfrew’s designer sale last weekend and I’ve promised myself that I’ll wear it to every wedding, Christmas and cocktail party I’m invited to for a long, long time.

Who knows. You might even see me bust it out on a random Purple Thursday. (Everyone at work seems to wear purple on Thursdays. I don’t know. It’s just a thing.) I intend to get my money’s worth out of my DK dress.

An Outfit for a Glam Event in L.A.


Next week, I’ll share pictures and let you know how the adventure went!

~ Michelle