Stampede Style Tips

I’m going to dream of red jeans and cowboys tonight and it’s going to be awesome. You’ll wish you could be there.

To be clear, I am not talking about red jeans on cowboys. No, sirree. I’m a cowboys-wearing-old-blue-Wranglers kind of girl. My dream will be more like red jeans on me and then me on a…no, no, no. I’d better not write that.

Moving on.

Last night, Michelle and I attended a fun little fashion soiree thrown by Old Navy at Model Milk. There was food and drink, and plenty of stylish Calgarians sporting some pre-Stampede Stampede looks. Big love for this denim dress on Denise Chow of Old Navy Canada PR. (Not in stores yet but it’s coming. I want.)

Local stylist Kim Flanagan put together a few chic western looks for a little fashion show and then gave me a few little tips on Stampede style. Her ideas are (cue trumpets now!) affordable and suitable for life post-Stampede. Check these out:

  • Get pair of comfortable closed toe shoes (Law #1 of Stampede: Two-stepping + sandals = broken toes). You don’t need real cowboy boots. Kim still doesn’t own a pair.
  • Get a great denim top or jean jacket. These can turn any little dress or skirt into a great Stampede outfit. And don’t worry about what the jacket or shirt looks like when the buttons are done up. (Law #2 of Stampede: no one wears shirts buttoned up.) Just make sure the jacket, vest or shirt fits well across the shoulders. That’s key.
  • Get creative with accessories. Kim was wearing $2 feather earrings that were as western as any cowboy hat. Fun bangles, great necklaces, a clever belt — it all works.
  • Don’t forget that lipstick is a great accessory.

To prove that last point, check out this look, combining red lipstick, red jeans (they’re these and the fit is fab!) and a denim shirt. I’m totally copying it.

Two days until red jeans and cowboys!


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