Spring Nail Polish

I’m taking a bah humbug attitude to all spring trend reports until summer.

Sexy little statement sandals are on-trend this spring? Good for them. I’m still making a statement in the snow with my winter boots. Distressed denim shorts? Stressed is the only part of that phrase that I’ve any familiarity with right now.

All bitterness aside for a moment, let’s focus on the only spring trend that Calgarians are likely to pull out before summer: pale nail polish on short nails. I love all the nude and light pinks on nails right now. There’s something so classic and elegant about pale nails. I don’t know about you but I’m convinced that fingers look longer with a barely-there manicure than with dramatic dark nails. Plus, you don’t have to be as diligent on the upkeep. And the best part — you can wear it even if it’s snowing outside. Three cheers for that!

Pale Nails

Pale Nails

And a classic:


As if! It just started snowing out again. Humbug.

PS – I’m wearing this shade right now and received several compliments this week.

PPS – FYI, this is my favourite spot in town for a manicure.

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