Slowing down

It’s officially winter and I’m happy to report that I accomplished my one goal for fall: chilling out. To me, it seems like the last few years — and 2012 in particular — have moved at high speed. I’ve been working, freelancing, blogging, volunteering, dating, traveling, seeing friends, working out, cooking and blahbity blah blah. There wasn’t much time to just relax. Or to tackle new projects, like writing for magazines I love but have yet to pitch.

Around August, I decided that it was time to make some changes to un-busify myself. I wanted to have time to sit on my couch. To sleep in without guilt. To not write a single word all weekend — or to write to my heart’s content. So this is what I did: I started working out more at work, to save driving time. I’ve since let my World Health Club membership go, to also save money. I resigned from my volunteer position on the Wings of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation board. I love that group so much but it’s time for me to go; my duties will be done at the end of December. And, lastly, I got better at saying the little word that I have such trouble with: “No.” I’m doing less, going out less and, as a result, stressing less.

Last week, I knew I’d reached my goal when I spent three nights in a row on my couch watching the first season of Homeland (have you watched it? Ah-mazing) and reading magazines. My plan is not to become a lifer on my couch, but to rest up from the craziness of the last while and to feel ready to tackle new adventures in 2013. So when a girlfriend sent me the photo below, which she snapped on Friday night at Double Zero, it made me happy to see I look so…relaxed. My chilled out self is quite content these days.


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