Scary Movies

Halloween weekend is approaching and I can’t say that I’m excited. I don’t usually go to Halloween parties, I’ve never been into the dress-up thing and I don’t like scary movies. I’m a mega stick in the mud when it comes to Halloween. Sorry.

The proliferation of scary movies on TV right now has gotten me thinking about all the ones I’ve seen over the years — and the really, really scary ones that have scarred me. In no particular order, here are the top 3 movies that scared the bejesus out of me:

1. The Abyss

I haven’t seen this scary movie in years, but there is one scene in particular that scarred me: when Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio are stuck in their little underwater vehicle, water is rushing in and there’s only one oxygen tank. They decide that he’ll take the oxygen and try to swim her back to the main ship. When she drowns…Good god. That scene is the reason that I will never, ever try scuba diving. Thanks a lot, The Abyss.

2. Event Horizon

When I saw this movie in the theatre, I squirmed in my seat the entire team. “Infinite Space, Infinite Terror” is no joke. About an hour after the movie ended, I broke out in hives. Can fear do that to you? I don’t know but I’ve always blamed the Infinite Terror.

3. Scream

The opening scene of the original Scream — when Drew Barrymore is home alone — might be the scene that has scarred me the  most. Two years after the movie came out, I had some scary instances of my own at my parents’ house. Someone had been lingering around my bedroom window at night and even cut the screens before I accidentally scared him away. It all culminated when, after getting home from a party one night, I heard someone outside my bedroom window. I raced upstairs to my parents’  bedroom. My dad and I slowly opened up their window and leaned out to find a guy in a black hoodie sitting next to my bedroom window. ACK. We called the police, he got away, etc etc. Needless to say, having that opening Scream scene in my head didn’t do me any favours.

On that happy note, I will sign off! I’m giggling as I write this because that last part sounds so dramatic, but I’m fine. Really. Just don’t go standing outside my bedroom window or I may freak out.


One thought on “Scary Movies

  1. Michelle! That story is sooo freaky! Ack, I’m going to have nightmares about that now! I’m totally with you on the Halloween thing though — and the scary movie thing. There are enough real-life reasons to be scared — I don’t need watch movies to further freak me out!