Project Loretta (Shhh. It’s a surprise.)

If your name is Loretta Tetarenko, please stop reading this now.

Everyone else, keep reading. Loretta is a dear friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in her life. She will be undergoing surgery and some intense treatments over the next year. To raise her spirits, her daughter, Hayley Rushford, has started Project Loretta — a mission to get Keith Urban (Loretta’s all-time favourite performer) to create a special “get better soon” shout-out. To snag his attention, Hayley asked friends and family to record video messages for the country singer. She received more than 70 (!), compiled them all in one video and uploaded it to Youtube. Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Jann Arden and Bif Naked have all helped to spread the word about Project Loretta. Now, it’s your turn, Toque Girls followers. Please jump onto Youtube and check the video out!

Here’s something you should know about Loretta: through her volunteer work with the Wings of Hope breast cancer organization in Calgary, she works tirelessly to raise money for breast cancer patients who need help paying for day-to-day expenses like rent, medication, child care and groceries. Whether she’s infusing her energy at the board of directors’ meetings (which I’m a part of, thanks to her; she recruited me a couple of years ago!) or working as the fearless co-chair of our annual fundraiser, Loretta inspires everyone. Here she is at our 2009 luncheon:

Loretta has done incredible things for women dealing with breast cancer. Now that she’s dealing with it again, please show her some love by watching the video and passing it on.

Hugs and love to you, Loretta (for whenever you do read this),


3 thoughts on “Project Loretta (Shhh. It’s a surprise.)

  1. I’m a sucker for mother-daughter “love stories”, but this one is really special. I’m listening to the YouTube clip as I write this comment, but I’ve paused the video because the tears are making it difficult to type. Hayley is an amazing young woman and you are wonderful friends. (Of course all the contributors to the video are fantastic too – including her husband, whose straightforward appeal was truly touching.) Please send my best to Loretta and tell her that your project has reached people all over who are now pulling for her and who will send this project even further.

  2. Loretta is an incredible women! I met Loretta about 7 years ago in a coffee shop. Her daughter was wearing her school uniform. I a parent of the West island college community recognized Hayleys uniform and started talking to Loretta. I was asked to plan the 25th anniversary celebration for West island college. I knew as soon as I met her I needed her to help me with the WIC project. She is a doer! A year later she asked me to volunteer for Wings of Hope. This is the fourth year I have volunteered. Loretta is fortunate that she does not need financial help but she recognizes how difficult it would be to cope when you have breast cancer and you are struggling financilly. Loretta is not slowing down in volunteering, trying to bring in corporate sponsorship funds, despite her own battle with cancer. She is also co chair for the luncheon event. We raised $120,000 at our luncheon last year! There is a second lady that does a song for Loretta on the video Project Loretta. Her name is Suanne and she is a staff member of west island college. She also is fighting the battle with breast cancer. She is there supporting Loretta when she is fighting her own battle! My heart goes out to her!!!! When we were going through a difficult time with our son who was suffering from severe migraines and we needed to pull him out of school in grade 10 and move him to a boarding school on the coast at 16 years, to get migraine relief, Suanne was there for me and Jon ! There are some incredible people in this world who truly make a difference!!

  3. In a very short while , while helping check Loretta in at the Hilton niagara Falls, she told me very little of her story and asked me to go to the site. I too, like others had to stop while wiping the tears off my face. she truly is inspirational and really does have what one calls a “loving daughter”!! God Bless you, the both of you!

    Roy( Hilton )