Power-Packed Chocolate Muffins

One of the greatest things about not drinking* (I’m now a month into it!) is that I’m up mega-early on weekends, as in 6:30 a.m. I’m like a little Energizer bunny, organizing my place, writing freelance stories, getting errands done and working out. Two weekends ago, my Sunday morning also included some baking; I tried Oxygen Magazine’s Power-Packed Chocolate Muffins for the first time. I love having healthy snacks around for before or after my morning workouts. With roughly 180 calories and 9 grams of protein each, I thought these muffins would be a good option.

Healthy chocolate protein muffins

Let’s not pretend: If you’re expecting a chocolate cupcake, you will be disappointed when you bite into one of these. They’re not very sweet, but the raisins give them a satisfying zing. I enjoyed eating them all week, so much so that I made another batch on Saturday morning. If you’re a carb-lover who wants a healthier muffin, give this recipe a shot.


*On Friday night at Cucina, my resolve broke when Tilly, the fantastic and lovely manager at Cucina, brought complimentary glasses of Blue Mountain wine to our table. I thought, “Why not have one glass, to celebrate the one month sans booze?” So that’s what I did, savouring every sip and getting back to my no-boozeness immediately after. I have just over two weeks to go until I head to NYC — when I’ll give myself the green light to drink again. Not drinking is feeling so good that, when I do start again, I suspect it will be rather limited.