Please Don’t Call Me Mitch

Let’s have a random discussion about names.

With my family in town last weekend, I was reminded that, to them, I have a few names:

  • Shell
  • Shelly Welly
  • Michelle Michelle Comes From Hell

That last rhyme — it’s not really a name, I know– came as a joke from my brother, Brent. He came up with it years ago, along with a more flattering one for himself, which goes like this: Brent Brent Heaven Sent. Lately, though, he just calls me “Boo.” I get the feeling that he uses that one widely. At least Michelle Michelle Comes From Hell has a personal touch.

I always thought it would be cool to have a name that could be shortened to a guy’s name, like Sam for Samantha. I blame Alyssa Milano. *Lame alert* I thought her character on Who’s the Boss?, Samantha Micelli, was ultra cool.

The thing is, whenever someone calls me “Mitch” for short, I cringe. Mitch just does not sound good. It rhymes with a bad word and it seems so, I don’t know, butch. (I’m just putting two and two together and realizing that the worst nickname I can imagine might be Butchy Mitch. Or Bitchy Butch.)

I am, however, fond of some of the nicknames my friends have come up with, including but not limited to:

  • M&M
  • M Squared
  • Filet

That last one comes from my friend Sarah. One of the first times we hung out, I attempted to explain how to pronounce my last name.

“It’s like how you’d say ‘filet mignon’ but with a’s.”

The ‘mignon’ part was too much, so she went with ‘filet.’ I dig it.

And that concludes my portion of this random discussion. Do you have a nickname you love or hate and would like to share? I’m all ears.

~Michelle “Filet” Magnan

0 thoughts on “Please Don’t Call Me Mitch

  1. i have a lot of nicknames that i don’t mind too much: de, dede, beeper (from my sister, no clue where it came from when we were wee.) but my boyfriend started calling me “onionbutt” at some point and when he says it and there are people around i can’t help but go beet red. he says it’s cuz my butt is so nice it makes him want to cry, but to the general public… he must sound loony.