Phillips Brewing Company Official Draught Launch (And Some Ideas for Drinking and Eating)

Matt Phillips

Last week, Michelle and I were delighted to join a group of beer lovers at National to celebrate Phillips Brewing Company’s official draught launch in Alberta. I was especially excited because:

  1. I like beer.
  2. I really, really like Phillips beer. When Spencer and I spent a month in Victoria almost two years ago, Phillips was our go-to beer. We’d follow up our bike rides with a pint (or two) of Phillips’ Blue Buck.

The quick-and-dirty on Phillips: Eleven years ago, Victoria’s Matt Phillips (that’s him above) decided he wanted to make beer. He dreamt of setting up an artisanal brewery dedicated to making unique beers. He went to various banks looking for a loan. All said no. So Matt collected every credit card application available, brought them home and applied the same day. With these cards, he purchased brewing equipment and set up shop in a tiny warehouse that served as home and workplace for the next two years. Today, and two warehouses later, Phillips is now one of BC’s most popular breweries.

Last Thursday, Matt and Phillips marketing manager Simon Myttenar treated us to a few flights of beer and a lesson in beer-ology. The Blue Buck remains my favourite; it’s an English pale ale that’s dangerously drinkable. I also really liked the Longboat Chocolate Porter (tastes like a combo of beer and chocolate milk!) and Analogue 78 (makes me crave a patio and a summer day).

Did you know that beer is a better choice than wine when it comes to matching cheese? The bubbles in beer help you pick up more flavours in the cheese and the broad range of beer varieties means more options to enhance and contrast the taste of cheese.

Simon kindly sent me a few beer-and-cheese combos that the Phillips’ team uses in-house for beer-and cheese tastings. How fun would it be to pick up all these products and put together a little tasting for friends?

(Here’s the link to the Phillips’ beer fridge. It’ll give you all the details on the beers.)


How to Do A Phillips Beer and Cheese Tasting

Or you can head to National, order a flight of Phillips draughts and bunch of oysters. Less effort, still fun.






One thought on “Phillips Brewing Company Official Draught Launch (And Some Ideas for Drinking and Eating)

  1. But the next time you are in Victoria again, you MUST go to the brewery for the taste-testing tour. They do a stellar job of these mini events. We had so much fun on our tour. Best info session and hour of entertainment I had had in a long time for the nominal fee. And it doesn’t have anything to do with my last name being Phillips. Well, maybe just a little bit. And……. I just love their varied label graphics. They’re amazing.