Outfit for a Sunny Spring Afternoon

I’m back! Whistler was a thousand kinds of awesome — fresh-snow awesome, sunny-days awesome, peanut-butter-ice-cream-sandwiches awesome (Oh yes! That happened) and more.

I’ll give you my rundown on Whistler later this week. Right now, I’m in spring mode. I woke up to birds this morning. The sun’s a-shining. I smell BBQ from somewhere and I received dozens of emails this week on the latest spring fashions.

I’ve put together a very good outfit for a BBQ and would love to take it out of the house. So, if you’re planning a BBQ, please invite me. I’ll bring ice cream sandwiches.

This Ry Angora Knit Sweater by ACNE looks so comfortable. I’m drawn to anything in mint or jade this spring — fits right in with tulips and sunny days.

I’m bringing out the white skinny jeans like these ones from Vince. Yes, they do get dirty. No, I don’t care. (I own a white couch, remember?)

I spotted these Ash Jalouse lovelies on pinterest sometime ago. I’ve yet to find them in real life but am hoping that the Easter Bunny can get his bunny-hands on a pair for me.

Finally, methinks this ‘raindrop’ scarf is perfect. It might not be as practical as an umbrella but surely you didn’t come to this blog expecting practicality.