Our Mini-Vacation Not To Invermere

Remember when I mentioned my upcoming trip to Invermere? I didn’t speak of it again because it never happened.

Sometime after we left the city for the weekend, a mudslide took out the highway just past Banff (here’s the story with pics). We were lucky to be far away from the slide and safe, and we weren’t stuck for hours in traffic like many people. We turned around and went into Canmore for an evening trail run and dinner at a pub before coming back to sleep in our own bed in Calgary.

We made the most of the weekend and turned it into a fantastic two days of re-falling in love with everything in and around our Calgary. On Sunday, we went back out to Banff and rode our bikes along the Bow Valley Parkway. I’ve never biked out there before and I’m hooked! The roads are smooth, the traffic slow and kind to road cyclists. We even saw a bear, though we didn’t stop to say hello.

We finished off with a late lunch on the patio the Banff Avenue Brewing Co. And that’s how we enjoyed our non-trip to Invermere.