New Running Gear

To celebrate spring’s arrival – and the outdoor running season! – I picked up a few new running pieces. I put them to the test this weekend while visiting my family in Edmonton. Saturday morning, I headed to my university-era stomping grounds to tackle the long run I used to love. My knee is still in recovery from the half marathon I ran ages ago (it’s getting better but progress is SLOW…perhaps I should follow the experts’ advice and do my rehab ‘homework’ every day) so I cut the run short and added a few sets of stairs by the high-level bridge.

The new gear felt great. Exhibit A: a Nike running hat, which I snagged at The Tech Shop on 4th St. S.W., and these Oakleys, which have little grips to keep them in place. Love them both.

Nike hat and Oakleys

Exhibit B: my new Mizuno Wave Riders. Mizuno is my long-time go-to running shoe. The Wave Riders are comfortable, light and provide the perfect amount of support. My only complaint with them is the Mizuno colour schemes, which aren’t my favourite. I wish there were a few more options, but I am happy to sacrifice colour for function.

New running gear

After my run, I treated myself to a delicious latte at Transcend Coffee in the Garneau Theatre building on 109th St. This place would be my regular coffee stop if I lived in Edmonton — so tasty! Perfect way to end a sunny Saturday morning.

The whole weekend — including visits with family and friends, some ping pong and lots of chocolate — was lovely. I hope that your Easter weekend was also filled with happiness and Mini Eggs galore.



2 thoughts on “New Running Gear

  1. Cool running gear Michelle. You look fast. I have a couple pairs of the Wave Riders as well, and also think they are a great shoe. If you are ever in the market for an even speedier runner, try the Adizero Adios. They are quite a bit lighter than the Wave Riders, yet still provide a good level of cushioning and have great responsiveness (stiffer sole with rebound flex) The Tech Shop will let you try them on a treadmill or indoor track and then return them if you don’t like them. If you see Lauren, she will probably give you a discount if you say you’re a friend of mine.

    Keep up with the exercises. Remember – never do them before a run – only after.