New Love: Timka Jewelry

Hello, friends. It’s late Sunday night and I’m just back from a wonderful weekend in Manhattan Beach, California. I’m tired and slightly sunburned, so I will keep this short and sweet. (I’ll also write more about the weekend on Wednesday.) While shopping in Manhattan Beach on Saturday afternoon, my friend Tamara and I stopped in at Cami, a great little boutique. As Tamara was admiring some Timka Jewelry necklaces on display, the designer herself walked in. Her name is Tatyana Finn and she’s fantastic — friendly, gorgeous and fun. We spent an hour in the store with her and, in the end, left with some of her jewelry, obviously. Her pieces are light and feminine and oh so California. They’re also great to layer together. We loved everything so much that it was hard to narrow down the “wants” to “must-haves.” It was tough choosing, but we made it through.

Here’s Tatyana rocking her layered necklace look:

And here’s Tamara’s wrist rocking the layered bracelet look:

If you’re visiting California anytime soon, you can Timka Jewelry in 10 stores in L.A., one in San Diego and a few other boutiques, like Cami. Check out the Facebook page for more info.

Tatyana, it was great meeting you! Thanks for the chat and the beautiful jewelry.


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