My New Mountain Bike

Ten days ago, I decided of the blue that I needed to buy a mountain bike. We were sitting at Lina’s Italian Market, eating sandwiches while we waited out a downpour and I suddenly couldn’t live without a new bike any longer.

Sometimes, you just know when it’s time. Other women feel their maternal clock ticking; for me, my cycling clock set off with a bang.

I had my Kona Tika by the next morning (there was a 12-hour delay on arrival while they hunted out the right size for me in a warehouse) and I’m so happy with it. It’s entry-level mountain bike, meaning it’s good for people like me who have not the skills, the desire or the arm muscles to manage a big heavy bike.

This is me on one of the trails at the Canmore Nordic Centre last weekend. Note the complete lack of anything resembling happiness on my face. I swear I felt happy at this moment but I had on my concentration face. The photographer was yelling at me, “Try and look relaxed!” and this is what I came up with: