My Favourite Winter Workout Gear

I came home from California in the wee hours of Sunday morning. It was a beautiful perfect blue-sky Calgary day, my favourite kind of day for a winter run. Even though I was operating on no sleep, I set out for a jaunt and rattled off seven glorious miles that afternoon.

Great weather makes me run faster. The other thing that always works? New workout gear. In my hippie-weirdo way, I make a point of working out extra hard so I can infuse my new belongings with a really good workout spirit that can carry me through future workouts. Weird, yes; Effective, unquestionably. It’s a good trick for the end of January when New Year’s resolutions are wearing thin.

In case you’ve money burning holes in your wallet, here are my favourite things for right now:

Nike Pro Hyperwarm Printed Tights. I love patterned tights lately. They’re fun. And, believe me, nothing inspires you to get moving like seeing your ass in patterned spandex.



I’ve been ogling Lululemon’s Run: Bundle Up Jacket *Reflect jacket since Christmas. I keep talking myself out of it as I’m not going to need it in California next year. But every time I run outside, I regret not owing it.

Lululemon Bundle Up Jacket

In three out of the four seasons, I hate socks extend above the tops of my trainers. Winter’s the exception. I like my ankles covered for outside runs. I stick to my favourites, by Sugoi, in this tall version shown here.

Sugoi 1/4 Sock


I hate carrying anything in my shirt or jacket pocket when I run. It’s not comfortable to have anything banging against your chest or your back while running. I like the these Banjee Wrist Wallets. They’re big enough for an ipod and keys.


I’m eager to try the new Mizuno Wave EVO Cursoris, one of the company’s new minimalist shoes. Lighter shoes have been easier on my Achilles as I increase my training after last summer’s injury.

Mizuno Wave EVO Cursoris

And, because it’s 10,000 degrees below zero tonight, I’m all about hitting up hot yoga tomorrow. This tie-dye bra from Free People nails it.

Free People Tie Dye Bra


That’s all, folks. Stay warm. Remember, all these things work well if you just feel like staying in and drinking hot chocolate, too. I won’t judge.


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Winter Workout Gear

  1. “Nothing inspires you to get moving like seeing your ass in patterned spandex.” Possibly the best TG quote of all times. First I laughed then I winced because I already miss you! Thanks for making my day.