My Fall Wish List

I promise to fill you in next week about the incredible adventure I had at Rancho La Puerta. Till then, let’s discuss shopping for fall. Have you started yet? I have not, but I have my sights set on three things, in particular:

1. A plain black shift dress. While I love black, when it comes down to it, my closet does not have nearly enough of it. When I’m shopping, I’ll always choose a colour — purple, green, navy — over black, which isn’t a smart strategy when it comes to stocking up on work basics. So, this fall, I will invest in a high-quality black shift dress for work purposes. The one below, from J. Crew, would work nicely, don’t you think?

While we’re on the topic of black, have you read Harper’s Bazaar’s recent 24 Hours with Michael Kors piece? It was fascinating. I love this quote: “I wear black and drink white.” I think Michael and I would get along well.

2. A pair of black ankle booties. I have not explored all of my options yet, but these Dries Van Noten booties caught my eye when I checked out Gravity Pope’s offerings.

3. A watch. Because, while I own a lovely gold Michael Kors watch, I’m over it. I need something new but have no idea which brands or looks I’m into. All I know is said new watch must work on small wrists, because mine are weirdly tiny. If you have suggestions, please let me know!

Once I’ve completed my fall shopping, I will be a happy girl. Check out how happy I get when I’m buying books. Books! Imagine my smile when I find the perfect watch. Oh, it will be a good day.


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