My Achilles and Switching Things Up


I haven’t blogged about anything personal recently because I’ve been a bit of a grump. Here’s what’s going on: three weeks ago, I injured my Achilles tendon. I’ve been off running, hiking, biking ever since and it’s going to be a long, slow recovery. Let me me tell you, you don’t realize how important that little tendon is at the back of the ankle until it doesn’t work anymore.

Here’s the game plan: I’m trying to focus on doing more weight workouts (in a non-explosive, non-ankle stressing kind of way, my dear physiotherapist) and swim workouts. It’s been 20 years since I was swim team and the only training routine I knowbwell is swimming lengths over and over. So I’ve been using pinterest to find pool workouts. A few of my favourites: pool running (although little kids look at you like you’re as crazy as a can of peas), this freestyle series and sprint training.

There you have it. So if you see a weird girl running back and forth in the community swimming pool, come over and say hi.


PS – Check us out on pinterest. I’ve put together a good collection of workouts and recipes!

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5 thoughts on “My Achilles and Switching Things Up

  1. OMG- the girl in the pic looks like you! Climbing back into the boat after a great swim in the Med! We all need a Cyprus trip!

  2. So sorry to hear about your Achilles, Chris! :( I’m glad you’re finding alternate ways to stay in shape though. You could also try a deep water workout or water aerobics class. They’re surprisingly difficult and fun! I think the classes are offered at most of the local community pools around Calgary. Get well soon! :)