Muks: My Favourite Mukluk Boots

Muks boots are an essential part of my winter wardrobe. They keep my feet cozy and, despite fooling my feet into thinking I’m wearing slippers, they are gorgeous alternatives to boring ol’ winter boots.

Muks is based in London, England, but Jaime Cooke, a stunning, fabulous and friendly Calgarian, is behind the brand. She and her boots have been featured in many, many publications (including in the Herald in 2008, when we first met).

The short story is this: Jaime went to London with her childhood-fave mukluk boots in tow. She placed some in a boutique, hoping they would sell. Her first customer was a stylish someone you may be familiar with: Kate Moss. The rest is, you know, history.

Jaime has traditional mukluk boots, but she also offers all kinds of cool twists and variations. My first pair of Muks boots were mid-calf, with tartan lining around the boot opening. I still heart them and wear them all the time.

I also have a pair of the Charcoal Grey Tall Wrap Muks Boots. Skinny jeans and leggings tuck perfectly into these beauties:

*photo from Muks site

Recently, I’ve been wearing the Black Studded Half Muks Boots around Calgary. They’ve taken me to the grocery store, cafes, restaurants and work. They’ve also accompanied me on a few weekend trips to Banff. (As we know, I enjoy walking around town, especially when I have warm feet.)

Here they are in action on a Banff avenue:

And here’s where I was heading: The Rose & Crown.

Seeing as it’s Monday morning, let’s cheers coffee mugs — to a great week ahead — and save the gin and tonics till Friday.

Stay warm!


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