More than 5 questions with Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

MBF performing

We’re big fans of Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, the Calgary musician who was our surprise musical guest a couple of weeks ago at Azuridge. We chatted with him that night about the Toque Girls blog and how we’d love to profile him. He said yes. We were happy.

I know MBF is a busy guy, so I shot him an email last week to see if he was still down for answering some questions. His response: “SEND IT. LET’S DO THIS.” Alrighty then. Here we go:

Where are you right now? On an airplane to NYC.

With an upcoming album, what’s your schedule like these days? And when does the album drop? Pretty busy, between shows, showcasing, interviews and meetings. EP comes March 5 and album shortly after.

What makes you happy? Everything these days. Feeling blessed. (This is MBF looking happy:)


Who’s been playing on your iPod lately? Brother Ali, Tribe Called Quest, Bob Seger, Tegan and Sara, and Bouncing Souls

When you’re back in Calgary, what are your must-hit spots? Dog park and 1886 Buffalo Cafe for breakfast.

Toques — love them or hate them? Love them. But am left with an itchy forehead. Solutions?

Well, Christina and I discussed your toque problem, MBF, and we’re not much help. Chris said she uses her ‘fro as a barrier between her forehead and her toque. Seeing as you have no ‘fro — and I have no good suggestions — looks like we’re both stuck with Itchy Forehead Syndrome.



2 thoughts on “More than 5 questions with Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

  1. I just bought a wicked toque at The Bay that is wool, BUT has a soft liner sewn on the inside where it makes contact with your head. Perfect. No forehead itchiness.

    Nice post…make it 10 questions next time!

  2. Toque girls! So great to meet your lovely selves at Azuridge!

    Proud to say I’ve now lost my blog subscription virginity to you.

    Let’s plan a date?!