Meet The Apothecary in Inglewood (And A Giveaway!)


Last week, Michelle and I got a tour of a new beauty store in Inglewood, The Apothecary. This charming little shop sells natural body care products and all kinds of deliciously smelly things, and everything is done with an environmentally aware touch (they’re Bullfrog-powered).

Owner Jill Hawker carries her own lines: All Things Jill, her products for women (I’m so hooked on the honey hand lotion!); Peas in a Pod, her line for kids, Moms and Moms-to-be; and Just For Jack for men (this Tough Guy hand salve looks awesome). Harris also produces and sells TREK, products designed for the outdoors and made especially for dry Calgary conditions. All TREK products come in a tiny portable container so they’re great for hiking and camping.

Michelle and I bought honey lotion, bath foams, lip balms and the muscle massage oil (which I rubbed into my sore post-stair legs today!).

In honor of the the Apothecary’s official grand opening this weekend, they’re kindly offering a reader one awesome honey therapy gift pack (valued at $48)! You know the drill: check out the Apothecary’s web site and leave a comment below. Contest closes at midnight Thursday and we’ll announce the winner Friday morning. Good luck!

(The contest is open to anyone in Canada.)


PS – What do you think of our new look? It’s not finished yet but we couldn’t stand the old version any longer.

28 thoughts on “Meet The Apothecary in Inglewood (And A Giveaway!)

  1. Looks great you 2! I use the peas in the pod brand on Lukas- it is great! Good to know a new store I can get it at!

  2. Ooh that shop looks like a place I could get into some serious trouble! Thanks for always giving me a head’s up on what’s new in the city girls! :)
    P.S. The new look is good, looking forward to seeing the finished makeover!

  3. The Shop looks great I will have to stop there :) Thanks for the chance to win some of there products:)
    Oh I hope I win :)

  4. I can almost smell (or should I say feel?) the relaxation through my computer.
    (and love the new look, girls! – so fresh and so clean)

  5. Yes please!
    I’m a sucker for an apothecary. “No dear, these aren’t more smelly things and lip balm, they are supplies from the apothecary”.
    Thumbs up on the new look.

  6. Great to have a heads up on a new place. Thanks!
    New look is great — but the body text is carrying over into the sidebar on my screen.

  7. I’d love to give these products a try! I’m always looking for new places and I have recently fell in love with the Inglewood area. Also loving the new blog design!

  8. Pick ME!!! I love apothecaries. Plus lotion. Yay!! Also, I love the new look. I loved the old look. What can I say? I heart!

  9. The new look is great!
    And the products sound fabulous. Hope to try out some new treats, if not I will have stop by The Apothecary and treat myself :)

  10. It’s great to see new stores popping up in Inglewood, especially independent shops like this one. I love to take long baths, so this is just the place to indulge in my guilty pleasure. I can’t wait to visit.

    Great refresh to the blog!

  11. I love many stores in Inglewood…this one looks like it won’t disappoint! I can’t wait to see what they have… anything to tame my sore muscles and I’m sold!