Lessons in Manicures, Eyelash Extensions and Spray Tans, ie. General Fakery

And just like that, Stampede is upon us. If you’re planning any type of girlie appointments this week to prepare, you’ve come to the right spot. Before my trip to Los Angeles in June, I had my  nails done, got eyelash extensions and went for a spray tan — and I learned a few things, which I’ve outlined below. May you use them for your own girlie prepping this week:

1. Shellac manicures are incredible. With this type of mani, each layer of polish is cured with a UV light, resulting in a rock-hard nail polish. Seeing as I’m that person who typically messes up her mani before she’s even left the salon, Shellac has changed my world. The mani lasted — perfectly, not even a a chip — for a couple of weeks. As I type this, I’m on day 17 and have yet to see a chip. That alone is worth the extra dollars to have a Shellac manicure (I paid $45).

2. When getting eyelash extensions, be very clear on what you’re asking for. When I agreed to one-length extensions at Noir Lash Lounge, I thought I was asking for the more subtle look. Not so. I felt like I had wings on the outer corners of my lashes and was so self-conscious that I went back to Noir to have them removed. Kudos to them — they gave me a new set  (with shorter lashes on the outer corners) a few days later. And these lashes, my friends, I love. I wish I could wear them forever and ever. The original set ($75) held up for a couple of weeks; I had them filled once ($40) to extend the lash life for another couple of weeks.

3. If you want to avoid situations like these, have a real person give you a spray tan. I love Megan at Sundrops. No weird spots or tanned soles to deal with and one basic tan will cost you $45. Other tips: exfoliate before you go and don’t wear any moisturizers or makeup. You’ll be good to go.


4 thoughts on “Lessons in Manicures, Eyelash Extensions and Spray Tans, ie. General Fakery

  1. you did it! I would love to see the eyelashes! Are you finding them irritating? what about if you accidently rub your eye?

    • Hey! I’m loving them and not finding them irritating at all. I can’t even tell that I’m wearing them, most times. I sleep on my face — which you’re not supposed to do with lashes — so that’s the hardest thing for me. I’ve just accepted they won’t last as long. In general, though, I find them pretty easy to maintain!

    • I got the mani at Exquisite Nails on 17th, near Roots. Different than gel nails in that this is just a special nail polish they use — on your own nails — rather than putting gels on. They cure the polish with a special UV light, and that’s what makes it rock hard. I like.