Le Weekend and A Few Super Random Facts


First off, Happy Halloween!

And now, onto the business of the day. Have you seen the new ‘Le Weekend‘ campaign from Roots? I’m obsessed. The wintery photos have me so pumped up for ski season that I just spent an hour searching out cabins that the boy and I could rent for weekend getaways over the next few months (I’d love to spend a few days at Skoki Lodge!).

Random Fact #1: We typically spend every available winter weekend in the mountains. Sadly, we don’t have that many available weekends. People in this house work too much.

Random Fact #2: S. and I met skiing six winters ago. I was skiing with my boyfriend at the time and S. was skiing with a bunch of guys, including one mutual friend. We ran into them as we were getting off a chair lift, introductions were made all around and the boys went on their way. S. later told me that he remembered telling his friend that he thought I was “hot” but he was glad he didn’t have to ski with me that day. It was a rather harsh statement about my ski skills.

Random Fact #3: Now he’s stuck with me and my slow skiing forever. Ha ha. Although, let it be noted, I’ve become a much better skier since then.

Random Fact #4 (and this is building to something, I swear!): Five years ago today, S. and I went on our first date. When we picked the day, neither of us realized we made the date for Halloween. He arrived a few minutes late that night and swore he was late because of all the kids coming to his house trick-or-treating. I was impressed by his outfit — grey-and-black sweater, good jeans. Several years later, he admitted that he went to the Gap that day and asked the staff to pick him an outfit for his pretty date that night. He’s colorblind so he needed something he couldn’t mess up. That night, I thought he was the funniest person I’d ever met. I still think so.

Random Fact #5: I could really use a weekend getaway. The proof: this meandering blog post.

More Le Weekend images below.





8 thoughts on “Le Weekend and A Few Super Random Facts

  1. Love it!! You’d love Cathedral Mountain Lodge in Field and Storm Mountain Lodge! We also love to escape to Prairie Creek in by Rocky Mountain House!!! :)