Hyatt Has It

Hyatt Regency Calgary

Hurrah! I’m finally home. I got in late Saturday night after a long business trip that included head colds, broken sunglasses and overnight flights. It was ugly and by “it,” I do mean me by trip’s end. Fact: you’ve been traveling too much when the airline attendant at the baggage check-in counter recognizes you — and you’re not even in your home country.

While I was on the road, the Hyatt launched a new service catering to female business travelers. The chain spent 18 months speaking with female travelers about things they want in a hotel. A quick summary of what they learned: women prefer to eat healthily while on the road, we often have particular housekeeping requests and we want amenities than men often don’t think of like, say, hair-straightening irons.

Through a program called Hyatt Has It, female guests now have access to phone chargers, curling irons, flat irons, yoga mats, makeup remover pads and quality beauty products to borrow free of charge or to buy. The hotel chain  upgraded to top-quality skin and hair care products — here in Calgary, the Hyatt Regency will offer KenetMD Skin Care for guests, the first time an international hotel has partnered with a dermatologist in creating care products.

The part that I like most of all: they’ve added new healthy menu items like fresh juices and smoothies, balanced portions and “create your own” options. Lighter options include things roasted wild salmon with poached asparagus and sautéed spinach and a vegetarian burger with a spiced chickpea and lentil patty. Finally! There’s been many a night when I’ve come back to my hotel exhausted after a day of meetings and the only “healthy” room service option was a Caesar salad. (For the record, there is nothing healthy about pale lettuce in heavy cream dressing with fried pieces of bread. Hotel operators, please note.) Finding a true-blue healthy option on a room service menu seemed the holy freaking grail to me.

Well done, Hyatt.