How To Buy Flowers For A Woman

Let’s talk about flowers today. More to the point, today’s topic: how to impress a woman with flowers. Michelle and I consider ourselves expert in this, having been a) impressed by flowers many times and b) disappointed by flowers many times.

Without further ado, here are our suggestions, based on collectively several decades of dating, for how to impress women with flowers.

Key Step #1: Women are always dazzled by an elegant flower delivery. In fact, we’re more likely to remember the details of how flowers are delivered than what is delivered. So, how to do it?  Many ways, readers.

Some ideas:

  • I don’t know a woman on earth who isn’t a sucker for roses delivered in a long box. I don’t know why this is so effective but it is. One of life’s mysteries, I suppose.
  • If she’s traveling, have flowers sent to her hotel so they’re in the room when she checks in. On a work trip, I checked into my hotel the day before my birthday and found a beautiful bouquet of roses in my room. Because I’m sometimes an idiot and think hotels are amazing, I spent the next 24 hours thinking they were a birthday gift from the hotel. I figured it out the next day when I read the card. They were from a boy. Well done, boy. Still makes me smile.
  • Send her flowers that arrive at her home while you are in a different country.
  • Send her a flowers at work. Keep it small enough for her desk. I want this one:


Key Step #2: Go to a flower shop and pick out the flowers yourself. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know a peony from a anemone; you can always stand in front of the display and point. I’m not a fan of generic premade arrangements — usually they’re filled with gaudy colours and dying blooms. Find out what she likes, find out what interesting flowers are in the shop and go from there.

Some suggestions:

  • Remember these words: monochromatic and monobotanic.  Flowers all in one colour or arrangements made up of only one flower variety = very, very good. Simplicity goes along way. Both Michelle and I are in agreement on this. Granted, we may not be representative of all women in all places but that can’t be helped. We’re a small operation here at
  • Don’t always go for the brightest colours in the shop. Generally, steer clear. Sure, bright yellow and red flowers are lively. But there’s something beautiful and gentle about soft pastels. Look for pale pinks, peaches, oranges. Oh, and white!
  • Look beyond the roses, daisies and carnations. Ask about succulents, hydrangeas, peonies — these are a few of my faves. (Michelle just confirmed these are her top choices, too). Aren’t these beautiful?


  • Ask the florist about hand-tied cut flowers. The florist can spiral the flowers together and wrap it like a bouquet so all the flowers and foliages are easily be displayed. Check out this one below — the band around the flowers was removed after they were placed in the vase.

Hand Tied Flowers

There you go. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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3 thoughts on “How To Buy Flowers For A Woman

  1. Love the post!
    I may be that lady that isn’t a sucker for roses in a long box. I love odd and unique arrangements. The peonies are quite beautiful, and a big bouquet of white or blue hydrangeas would make me weak in the knees. My favourite flow is gladiolas.

  2. So agree with you. I love the tied bouquet… exuberantly colourful or monochromatic (all white, especially. Or… hmmmm, all white, with delphiniums. Wow.)
    I’ve sent the Boy a simple arrangement of tropicals from time to time: architectural more than flowery, but it made him happy.
    Oh, and for my girls, I’ve sent flowers to work a couple of times per year: always letting the florist’s shop know “It’s got to have a small footprint”; orchids last beautifully on a desk.
    Two more ideas: send ‘em on a Monday, if sending to work, so the recipient doesn’t have to figure out how to get ‘em home on the LRT. And not on Valentine’s day or the birthday. Send flowers just because. So much more impact!
    Now, I wish I could find someone who’d send them to me… the Boy (same one mentioned above) is too practical. So I buy them for myself :-)