Horseshoe Necklace

I’d planned to write a post about my awesome new bike today (yahoo!). I went down to the nearest air conditioned coffee shop yesterday to rattle off my blog post and, before I got my coffee, three people asked about my necklace. So I’m switching blog gears. One more Stampede style post coming your way. This time, we talk horseshoe necklace.

See for yourself.


And, why, yes, I did just take a photo of my chest in Starbucks for you, a photo that went lower than intended. Now you know the truth: we at TG headquarters would do pretty much anything for readership.

Back to the matter at hand. Last year, Tiffany & Co. gave me this lovely sterling silver horseshoe necklace to mark the opening of their new store in Chinook Centre. I’ve busted it out for almost many Stampede events since and I adore it. Should you adore it, too, it’s still available at Tiffany’s (see here) and (more yahoo!) it’s relatively affordable at $195. It’s no free cowboy hat but it’ll probably cost you less than a giant stuffed tiger at the Stampede grounds.

Enjoy yourselves out there!


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