Highlights from The Calgary Stampede

This will be my last Stampede-related post, I swear. I just figured that since I posted some of my favourite Stampeding photos last year, I should keep the tradition alive. There were so many fantastic moments this year, from going to the rodeo with the fun Anstice Communications girls on Tuesday (and then hitting the barn scene with them, the lovely Tanya Kim from eTalk and her friends), dancing all night (well, a couple of nights) at Wildhorse Saloon and hitting some great corporate parties. So, without further ado, a handful of my favourite shots from the 10 days of chaos.

My friend Tamara ordering the most delicious drinks ever from this genius Cowboys bartender, who created the cocktail. Thank you, Adam.

Hitting the Wildhorse tent with our girls in white!

I acquired a total of four cowboy hats this Stampede. That must be a record of some kind. The second one landed on my head at some point during The White Night. Pre-cowboy hat:

And post:

I also acquired a tattoo. Don’t worry. It’s temporary. At the Bullshooters Breakfast on Tuesday, some guys from Tundra Process Solutions asked me to act as a “brand ambassador.” (Clever ploy on their part to chat with girls.)

Last but not least, the Garth Brooks show. It was amazing and I nearly lost my mind when Trisha Yearwood came out. She sang two of my favourites: She’s In Love With The Boy and Walkaway Joe. Such a fantastic night!

Now I’m back to real life and a much healthier routine. I’m going to see how many vegetables I can eat and how many hours of sleep I can get this week. See you next summer, Stampede.