Happy Belated Blog Birthday To Us

On July 22, 2010, we wrote our first blog post, to little fanfare. We shared it with some family and friends and thought we’d see how this blogging thing would go. Well, our second birthday just passed — oops, we forgot — so we thought we’d take the belated birthday opportunity to thank our readers, supporters, family and friends for following us, promoting us, sharing us and keeping us sane.

Since October 2010, we’ve updated the blog Monday to Friday, save for stat holidays and Christmas breaks. And, with every day since then, we’ve seen our hits grow, our readers get more vocal (we love your comments!) and our opportunities multiply. We’ve loved every moment.

Today, though, we’re announcing a slight shift in how we do things at Toque Girls. From now on, we’ll be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays — not Tuesdays and Thursdays. The change comes from a very simple desire: to have more down time in our lives. Between jobs, writing assignments, a marriage (Chris), dating (Michelle), workouts, travels and all the rest of it, we are a wee bit busy these days. We love the Toque Girls blog — and love sharing it with you — but we’re taking a little time for ourselves.

So, we’ll see you Wednesday and then on Friday for our regular Things We Like Fridays post. Till then, we leave you with the first photo we ever posted of the two of us, from December 2010. Thanks for all of your support!

~The Toque Girls

4 thoughts on “Happy Belated Blog Birthday To Us

  1. The Mon- Wed-Fri shifts are great. Nothing like a little break on tues/thurs! I will miss it but good for you guys!

  2. I have had to deploy the big girl panties to deal with this change.
    You do deserve a little time off though so I will cope with a little help from my friends (marg and rita)