For Spencer

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your support and love. You’ve sent amazing messages that have meant so much to Christina and Spencer, and to me, too.

Many of you have asked what you can do to help. Thanks to Christina’s sister and brother-in-law, Nicole and Martin, we have a good answer: you can donate here. Christina and Spencer will be facing mounting medical bills, not to mention student loan payments for his medical studies. Any funds raised will help relieve that financial stress.

In just the few days since Nicole and Martin have launched the FundRazr, the funds raised have been incredible. Chris and Spence have posted a thank you message on the FundRazr site, so please do head there to check it out. (The link again, is here.)

If you feel you’d like to help, even the smallest donation will make a big, big difference.

Thanks again for your support, friends.




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