Flaunting Ambition at Queen’s University

Two weekends ago, I flew to Kingston to give a talk at Queen’s University’s Women in Leadership Conference. The theme for 2012 was “Flaunt Ambition” and I was asked to speak about being a “digital woman,” so my talk focused on how you can use the digital world to create a brand for yourself and to pursue your goals. I was honoured to be asked to present at the event, especially considering the lineup — other speakers included Deborah Yedlin, business columnist at the Calgary Herald; Catherine Murray, a BNN host; and Hailey Coleman, the founder of Damn Heels. (I have a separate post on Hailey and her awesome flats coming soon, so stay tuned.)

The girls who attended the conference were fantastic and asked all kinds of great questions, both after my talk and during  a panel discussion. Thanks for having me, girls. And Hayley, thank you for asking me to speak! Hayley’s from Calgary and, as you might remember from my blog post in August, she organized her own amazing digital campaign to surprise her mom, Loretta. Project Loretta was a success — Keith Urban flew them out to Niagara Falls to meet him and to catch his show.

Here I am with Hayley, post-talk in Kingston:

As for my message, these were the broad strokes: follow your passions, be confident in what you bring to the table, head online to share your strengths with others and flaunt, flaunt, flaunt yourself and your skills. As for other speakers’ messages, I came away feeling inspired, renewed and ready to work hard. The world is filled with incredible women who know that hard work and ambition will take you far.