Erin Williams Leggings

I’ve been working on the Calgary Herald‘s annual ski resort guide this week and it’s got me really fired up for ski season to start. I’m so pumped that  my one-year-old nephew and I were practicing our ski moves by jumping on the couch cushions.

You’ll have to watch the Herald to find out what’s going on this year at resorts around Calgary — there’s plenty, I promise! In the meantime, I can share this ski-related tidbit for you: there’s a Calgary fashion designer, Erin Williams, who makes a fantastic pair of winter leggings. I know they’re going to be my après ski uniform all season long.

Check these out:

And these:


You’ll can find Erin Williams’ collection at her online shop here. She makes leggings in several different wintery patterns and makes cozy-looking Nordic-themed coats, too.


PS – Thanks, Nic, for the heads up!

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